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5 Ways Building Automation can Save you Money this Summer

Wednesday, August 31 2016 12:11 PM
By 360 Administrator

A building automation system (BAS) consists of sensors and controllers connected by a centralized network that allows commercial facilities to both monitor and control their systems, including mechanical, security and environmental. A BAS is a great solution for managing your building’s energy use year-round, and during the hot Kansas summers, it can help your company use less energy and save money on utility bills. Here’s how:

 Save Money with Building Automation

1. Track Energy Usage

By continually monitoring how much energy your building uses, your facility management team will have data to make educated decisions about where adjustments can be made to improve the HVAC system’s performance.

2. Real-Time Monitoring

Most automation systems are web-based, so things like temperature and humidity can be monitored in real time. This can help your team detect problems with your building systems faster, so they can be corrected sooner.

3. Fine-Tune HVAC Settings

Different parts of your building may have different cooling needs. For example, the front office may get a lot of warm air coming in as clients and staff enter and exit, but other offices may have less cooling load and feel cold all summer. A building automation system gives you the ability to dial-in your building and keeps everyone comfortable.

4. Reduce Wasted Energy

Building automation gives your facilities team the capability to set the air conditioning system’s daily start and end times in a way that makes sense for your business. For example, companies who are open standard 8 – 5 hours Monday through Friday don’t need to have the AC running as much during the weekends and overnight. Building automation allows for this.

5. Maximize Energy Efficiency

Tracking and adjusting energy use to reduce waste will help your building’s heating and cooling system operate more efficiently. This is good for the environment, and it saves the company money on utility bills.

Find out How Building Automation Can Help Your Business

The Knipp Services team is experienced with installing and adjusting BAS systems for commercial, retail and industrial facilities, as well as schools, hospitals and more. Call us at 316-265-9655 to request a quote.


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