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Preparing Your Facility for the Unexpected

Natural disasters and unexpected breakdowns can occur at any time. In reality, it's not a matter of "if" but "when" it happens. Knowing you have prepared your facility for these disruptions in operations gives you peace of mind.That's the purpose of contingency planning. 

Contingency planning is critical in today's business world. Unplanned downtime can seriously impact an organization for the worse, leading to the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in lost operations or even putting human lives at risk. Having a backup plan in place provides a safety net, allowing businesses to get operating again in far less time than if they hadn't planned ahead.   

In preparing a contingency plan specific for your building, Knipp Services will:

  • Evaluate your building’s and facility’s cooling and power systems
  • Identify sources of failure and examine the cost impact, likelihood of occurrence and length of downtime
  • Identify the financial and human risks if building systems shut down
  • Prioritize facility operations 
  • Ensure power is available to operate backup equipment
  • Create a blueprint for connections to be made, equipment locations and delivery

Who needs a backup plan? Healthcare, industrial, education and hospitality facilities are just a few examples of markets that can benefit from contingency planning.  

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With this plan in place, help is simply a phone call away. To set up a contingency plan in your building or facility or to learn more about the process, contact Mario Navarro or Brittney Cuer.

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