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Building Automation Systems (BAS) are the brains of an automated HVAC system. The interlinked networks of hardware and software work together to allow you to monitor, control and improve the performance of your facility, saving your business energy and money and maintaining indoor comfort. 

For example, imagine that one small component of your building's heating and air conditioning system is not operating properly, which potentially could lead to greater system problems, equipment failure, and occupant discomfort. But instead of that happening the BAS notified your services provider of the problem, and your provider fixed the problem before it became a serious issue.

That's just one tiny example of the power of a building automation system. The good news for today's building owners is that these systems are more affordable now than ever. 

Benefits of Automated HVAC Controls

The benefits of a building automation system include:

Improved Comfort – Maintain a consistent temperature throughout every area of the facility, keeping customers and employees happy.

Increased Energy Efficiency – Make sure your building is being heated and cooled at the right times and to the right temperature.

Use Less Energy – Avoid running your heating and cooling system more than necessary, and detect equipment problems quickly.

Save Money – Boosting efficiency and reducing energy use means lower utility bills and operating costs.

Automation systems give a facilities team the means to effectively adjust and monitor their building’s HVAC system, including heat pumps, chillers, air handlers, and boilers. Other mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems may also be included, such as fire alarms, lighting, elevators, and security equipment.

Today’s control systems are internet-based, so they allow for remote monitoring and control. These systems can also collect significant amounts of data that can be analyzed to determine how the building is reacting to various control strategies. Your building’s facilities management team can then make informed decisions about how to adjust the heating and cooling system so it operates at its best.

Trust Knipp Services to Design an Automation System for your Business

Designing and installing a BAS is a complicated process, and should be done by professional controls contractors and system integrators. Knipp Services has a proven history of successful integrations in the Wichita area and throughout Kansas.

With experience in both Trane and non-Trane building management systems, we can work with your facilities management team to create the best automation system for your company’s unique needs.

Types of Commercial Facilities Served:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Banks
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Office Buildings
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Industrial Settings
  • Hospitality

Knipp Services offers complete support from design all the way through installation, training, warranty and service. Our systems are created in a way that ensures no customers are excluded from new technology. 


Would you like to speak to someone about installing a building automation system at your facility? Or do you have a system but want to better utilize its capabilities? Contact Steve Southern today for more information.

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