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Knipp Services is the authorized commercial HVAC dealer for Trane and Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling systems for the regional market. In addition to these brands, Knipp Services also represents other commercial heating and cooling products. You can find more information on our product line card

Whether its Trane, Mitsubishi Electric, or one of our additional product lines, choosing the right commercial HVAC equipment for your building or facility is critical. It affects areas such as indoor air quality, occupant comfort, energy usage and the environment. Having started as an equipment company, Knipp Services understands the many factors that go into that process, whether it be a new design, a retrofit or a replacement.

The common equipment types we work with include:

Ductless Systems 

(Variable Refrigerant Flow, single zone, multi-zone, PTACs) Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems can meet the needs of a variety of commercial buildings by offering specific temperature control to the space and excellent energy efficiency without the need for ductwork. Look for quiet operation, utility savings, improved occupant comfort, reduced energy consumption, lower-cost installation and room-specific temperature control. These systems can be a good choice for schools, courthouses, small hospitals, old and new buildings, offices and historic buildings.


(air cooled, water cooled, compressor) Today, more than half of the world's large buildings utilize a Trane chiller for heating and cooling needs. Trane chillers are known for their energy efficiency, which helps to minimize operating costs and protect the environment. Equipment capacities in this category range from 20 to 4,000+ tons. These machines have been engineered for lower life-cycle costs, reducing the total cost of ownership over the life of the equipment. These systems are a great fit for customers who desire energy efficiency, reliability, and long equipment life. Trane's EcoWise machines utilize low global warming potential refrigerants.  


(rooftops, split systems, self-contained units, water source heat pumps, variable air volume, dedicated air solutions) These products have been designed by Trane engineers to meet your building's temperature, humidity, ventilation needs in a cost-effective manner. Unitary systems combine heating and cooling components to simplify the application and installation process. They are good choices for schools, offices and retail setting where low initial cost and ease of installation are critical factors. 

Air Handling Systems 

(performance air handlers, make-up air gas heating systems) Air handling systems are a good fit where issues such as air quality, humidity, ventilation, mold, bacteria, and noise come into play. These systems can be basic in nature or custom designed for your specific system. Look for easier installations, higher energy efficiencies, improved air quality and reduced maintenance. Whether your building's needs are simple or complex, Knipp Services can provide you with the right air handling system.  

Terminal Products 

(unit heaters, unit ventilators, blower coil air handlers, fan coil units) These systems have been designed for faster and easier installations and to expand heating and air conditioning performance. Characteristics of these products include reliability, flexibility, versatility, efficiency, dependability and quiet operation. These products have a wide variety of applications. Some are used in areas with high ceilings and individual rooms and others in new construction and renovation projects.

Pool Dehumidification

Conditioning pool environments - both indoor and outdoor - present a number of unique challenges. These include sustaining indoor air quality, balancing pool water chemistry, monitoring energy costs, protecting assets and maintaining occupant comfort. For example, high humidity levels lead to the condensate formation on surfaces, which can damage structures and add additional stress to mechanical systems. Chlorine imbalance or undesirable air or water temperatures can lead to occupant discomfort. And heating pools can result in significant energy spending. Whether its new construction or a renovation, Knipp Services can provide you with the right solutions to meet your pool needs. 

Product Line Card

Knipp Services works with a variety of systems manufacturers to ensure the needs of your building or facility have been met. Check out our product line card for more details.




Training for HVAC Engineers

Engineers Newsletter Live programs are topical, informative programs that provide engineering professionals who design HVAC systems with reliable, objective, and technologically current information. Subjects range from acoustics to water piping to interpretation of ASHRAE standards.

Attendees earn Professional Development Hours for license renewal. ENL programs are hosted at our Training Center, 138 Ida, Wichita, KS 67211 and generally run 60 to 90 minutes.

Please review our 2018 schedule below:


Registration: there is no fee for this session. Please pre-register by emailing: jon.goering [at]

For more information on the Trane ENL program series, click here.


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