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Energy savings is today’s buzzword. Many people think about it, even talk about it, and most want to save energy. But they don’t know how to do it or where to start. Commercial buildings make up nearly one-fifth of all energy consumption in the United States, with schools and office and retail space representing about half of that usage, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The three primary sources of energy usage include heating, lighting, and cooling.

Over time, even efficient buildings can lose efficiency as heating and cooling systems age or are not maintained properly and building usage changes.

Experts say most commercial buildings could use 30 percent less energy by investing in energy efficiency. Is this you?

In 2013, Knipp Services became an ENERGY STAR Partner. This means we benchmark, track and measure energy performance. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Knipp Services can help reduce your building’s or facility’s energy consumption and operating costs.

In partnership with ENERGY STAR, we will help you to:

  • Measure and track the energy performance of your facilities at all locations.
  • Set a goal to improve the energy efficiency of your buildings and achieve HVAC energy savings by 10% or more, in support of the ENERGY STAR Challenge

We also will:

  • Encourage our staff and community to learn about the benefits of energy efficiency and to implement appropriate energy efficiency measures
  • Encourage other companies and organizations with whom we work to join ENERGY STAR and take the ENERGY STAR Challenge

Our goal is to help our clients to reduce their energy consumption by at least 10% and hopefully more.


To get started saving energy at your building or facility, please contact Joe Reintjes.

Energy Usage Quick Facts

  • This country has more than 5 million commercial buildings and industrial facilities
  • Their annual energy costs runs $202.3 billion
  • 30 percent of the energy used in them is wasted
  • They generate 45 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions
  • We would save $20 billion if we improved our energy efficiency by 10 percent
  • That 10 percent savings also is equal to emissions from about 30 million vehicles

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