Commercial HVAC Equipment

Heating & Cooling Load Estimation

Attendees will study cooling & heating load estimating procedures used for accurate HVAC equipment selections. The clinic presents the ASHRAE Cooling Load Temperature Difference (CLTD), Solar Cooling Load Factor (SCL), and Cooling Load Factor (CLF) method. Topics include: human comfort, indoor and outdoor design conditions, cooling load estimation, conduction heat gain and loss, solar heat gain, internal heat gains, infiltration, ventilation, fan heat, heating load estimation, single-space psychrometric analysis (sensible heat ratio or SHR, supply airflow, supply air temperature, coil load), multiple-space psychrometric analysis (block load versus sum-of-peaks), plenum versus space loads, and benefits of computerized load analysis.

Continuing Education Credits: 6 mechanical CEUs

Dates & Times

Aug 7 8:30 pm
Aug 7 4:00 pm

This session is no longer available for purchase.


Knipp Services Training Center, 138 Ida, Wichita, KS 67211


Nelson Warthan



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